Vertical Farming…Indeed a peek in Future! Read the benefits of Upward farms!

Delhi | With the rapid growth in population accompanied by substantial growth in food demand expected to transpire in the next 50 years, 80 % of the population will be living in urban areas. In order to fulfil the needs of people, there is a need for sustainable urban food. A new method that has been proposed to address the issue of sustainability and meet the growing food demand is, designing and implementing vertical farms.

What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is a new concept which includes cultivating plants in the vertical sections. Vertical farming is actually growing crops vertically to maximize space, usually in a controlled indoor environment. It is a very efficient use of less availability of land and space. A climate-controlled environment allows for year-round, reliable food production. This reliability means the consumer has access to fresh, locally grown produce in every season. Vertical farming makes use of the power of technology to grow crops efficiently in a manner where crops are stacked about each other in a controlled environment. This unlocks many positives, such as higher productivity per square foot, more efficient use of resources, and a reliable yield. Vertical farming does help in decreasing the cost of using machinery and soil fertilizers and increasing productivity.

Advantages of Vertical Farming :

• Food production availability around the year.
• Efficient use of land and space which will ensure Cost minimization and profit maximization.
• Vertical farming also helps in enhancing resource management Like Water can be recaptured and recycled and used again.
• Focused on quality products and thus help in higher demand in Consumers.
• Through vertical farming crops can be grown closer to the cities which will thus help in decreasing the transportation costs.
• Safe Food production by ensuring the quality of every process and product used during the farming.
• Gaining high productivity than the traditional methods of farming.

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