Pruthvi Che Shetkari”: Darshan Mahajan’s Play on Millets Earns UN Recognition and Applause from Agricultural Officials

Mumbai (Maharashtra), November 27: Darshan Mahajan, a rising theatre maker, is making waves with his groundbreaking play, “Pruthvi Che Shetkari” (Farmers of the Earth) – The story of Millets. Premiered in July 2023, this unique dance and music production not only captivated audiences but also received accolades from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Department for its innovative approach to highlighting the crucial role of millets in agriculture and sustainable food practices.

The play was recently featured at Maharashtra’s leading Agriculture University, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, during the state-level conference “Millets Forever.” Coordinated by the state government of Maharashtra, the Agriculture Department, and the university, the performance garnered attention from farmers, students, faculty, and key government officials, including the Additional Chief Secretary, of Agriculture, Anoop Kumar (IAS).

Anoop Kumar praised the play, stating, “The play was too good, too captivating and intense. It exceeded my expectations! I cannot imagine a play on a subject like millets and agriculture can be articulated so effectively through a play.”

Darshan Mahajan, the play’s creator and co-director, shared his vision, saying, “As we celebrate the international year of Millets, this play celebrates our agri-culture while creating awareness about our millets and the lives of our farmers through the medium of art and theatre. We hope to take this play across India and the globe, adapting it in different languages and collaborating with talents nationwide.”

“Pruthvi Che Shetkari – The Story of Millets” features an ensemble of 25+ cast and crew, with a concept and storyline by Vibhishan Chaure (Director, Directorate of Cultural Affairs) and direction by Vidhyanath Surve and Darshan Mahajan. The play incorporates folk and traditional dance forms choreographed by Vaishali Vaidya, while the title song, sung by international artist Abby V and composed by Manan Mehta and Adi Verma, adds a captivating musical dimension.

This recognition aligns seamlessly with the global focus on millets, exemplified by the timely nomination of the song ‘Abundance in Millets’ featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 2024 Grammy Awards. The intersection of music, policy, and agricultural innovation underscores the power of collaboration in addressing global challenges, highlighting the crucial role millets can play in building a sustainable future.

As the world anticipates the 2024 Grammy Awards, Darshan Mahajan and his play emerge as prominent ambassadors in the international year of Millets, embodying the fusion of art, agriculture, and global awareness.

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