Precision farming- The new Agriculture era! Know more about its benefits and application.

What is precision farming?

Precision farming is basically an approach in farm management where efficient use of the resources is used in an accurate manner to gain higher yields and profits. The crop production practices are used at the right place and time and in the right way, for optimum profitability, sustainability and protection of the land resource. It uses high sensor technology and various technological developments in agriculture to know what does to be provided to the field to improve profitability.

Use of precision farming in Agriculture –

• Global Positioning System (GPS) -GPS is one of the important features of precision farming. It helps in gathering data about the soil field conditions, weeds positions and irrigation systems.
• Geographic Information System( GIS) – GIS in precision agriculture permits farmers to view records, such as soil survey maps and plant characteristics traditionally grown in the region. Satellite images and aerial photographs provide additional information.
• VRT – VRT technology allows growers to apply fertilizer, chemicals, seeds, etc. to different parts of a field depending on their needs.The sensor-based VRT examines the soil with sensors in real-time and can help determine nitrogen deficiency.
• Irrigation- The irrigation techniques help to effectively plan the field’s irrigation by identifying areas with high or low soil moisture. Farmers can easily identify the areas with less amount of moisture or higher amount of water requirements and do water accordingly.
• Soil Mapping – With the help of Soil Mapping the farmers evaluate the soil properties, its chemical composition, the nutrients’ presence, etc. In this way, the farmers can be able to evaluate the soil requirements and provide them accurately.
• iot & Artificial Intelligence – With IoT-based precision agriculture, growers can control all the most critical information: from air temperature to soil conditions. Image-based pattern recognition systems allow applications to adjust the watering and nutrition of plants according to their type.

Advantages of precision farming-

  1. Increase in profitability – Increase in yields due to the use of Technology does reduce the cause of cultivation and helps in increasing profitability.
  2. To prevent degradation of soil as the resources are used efficiently.
  3. To reduce the use of chemicals in crop production.
    4. Provide better information for management decisions.
  4. Saves time and cost
  5. Increased product quality.
  6. Enhanced environmental sustainability as less use of chemicals and other technical things are avoided.
    8. Better In season Yield Understanding – Using precision weather services can help gain information regarding the farms and fields, we can provide accurate yield prediction in-season which will help in seasonality Cropping.

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