Now you can enhance the Nutritive Value of your Animal feed with this treatment; Know more about Urea Treatment on Animal Fodder!

Delhi: Straw can provide some carbohydrates but is very deficient in other nutrients. The urea treatment can ensure good benefits for the farmers. Urea treatment of straw leads to an increase in intake by 20-25%digestibility 10-15% and energy availability to the host animal which otherwise would have been wasted. Urea treatment also enriches the straw for its protein content of up to 9-10%. Urea treatment improves digestibility, intake and crude protein content of the straw.

Requirement for treatment of Urea –

100 kg straw,40 litres of water, 4 Kg. Urea, Polythene sheet( Gunny bag), Bucket, Water etc.

Steps of urea Treatment –

  1. Take 100 kg of straw and put them in cemented or Pakka flour.
  1. Now take the fertilizer grade urea @ 4 Kg.
  2. Dissolve the urea in 20-30 lit of water.
  3. Keep on mixing till it completely dissolves.
  4. Spray the Urea solution with any kind of sprayer.
  5. Mix urea solution and straw thoroughly with a hand fork.
  6. Stack the mixed straw under gunny bags / plastic bags to have anaerobic conditions and be allowed to react for three weeks.
  7. Take the straw out of the stack. Give two to three turnings so that excess ammonia gets evaporated into the atmosphere.
  8. The colour of the straw is changed from yellowish to dark brown. Treated straw is ready to use as animal feed for the livestock.

Precautions to be taken –

  1. Uniformly spray urea solution on the straw and mix thoroughly.
  2. Provide completely anaerobic conditions for the reaction to take place.
  3. Take the required precautions to save the treated straw from rains and children.

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