Multilayer farming – Earn in lakhs and grow 5 crops at a time on same land using Multilayer farming !

What is Multilayer farming-

Multilayer farming is a type of sustainable farming leading to higher gains in the Yield with cost effective methods .It basically refers to growing different vegetables on the same plot at a time. This helps smallholder farmers grow various seasonal vegetables and horticultural crops throughout the year while ensuring food and nutritional security of the crops.In multilayer farms, as different types of vegetables, pulses and fruits are grown, they complement each other in many ways that help in good growth of crops.

Objectives of Multilayer Farming-

Multilayer farming is the maximum and effective use of vertical space. Thus the cost is reduced as well as the efficiency is gained.Optimum use of per unit area of land for production is possible due to this farming. The profitability of the produce is gained .Harvesting of crops on regular basis all around the year can be done.Conservation of water along with increasing productivity and thus Increased yield are some of the objectives of Multilayer farming.

Benefits of Multilayer farming –

• There are various crops which mature earlier than others. So generating employment and income occurs regularly due to this farming all all round the year gain is done.
• Helps in the conservation of water and moisture in the soil. Multilayer farming system conserves about 70% of water.
• Efficiency is gained .The amount of fertilizers equal for one plant in field farming is sufficient to 4 crops inside a multilayer structure.
• Minimal changes in climate change. Since the crops create an ecosystem of their own under the given structure, the crop production is not affected by outer factors
• Gain in rise of production as well as profitability. Multilayer farming system helps to eradicate the germination of weeds which leads to increase production.
• Helps in the optimum use of land for agricultural production. Even with less amount of land, a large number of agricultural commodities can be produced.

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