Have you heard of World’s heaviest Mango? It weighs 4.25 grams ! And is a new Guinness World Record!

Everyone loves Mangoes! There are varieties of the world’s tastiest mangoes as well as the best ones in the yield. Have you ever heard of the world’s heaviest mango? It weighs 4 Kgs! Recently some Columbian farmers have grown this mango .. let’s know more about it.

What is the Guinness Book Record?

Colombian farmers Germán Orlando Novoa Barrera and Reina Maria Marroquín have grown the world’s heaviest Mangoes and it has made it to the book of Guinness World Records. They have grown the world’s heaviest mango in Guayatá, Colombia, on the San Martín farm in the area of Boyacá. As per the official statement by Guinness World Records, the mango weighs 4.25 kg.

What was the previous Record?

The previous record was held by a mango found in the Philippines that weighed 3.435 kilograms (7.57 lb) in 2009.

The aim behind the Record –
German said that their aim was to show to the world that people in Columbia are “humble, hardworking” who cultivate their land with love, which produces great fruits. He added, “This gives a message of hope and joy for our people in times of a pandemic.” He dedicated the award to the people of Guyana and the “love for nature that our parents passed down to us”.He also said that this was the second Guinness World Records title for the area after they broke the record for the longest natural flower carpet at 3,199 square meters in 2014. The family celebrated the feat by sharing and eating the entire mango.

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