CBI Launches Inquiry into Alleged Bribery Case Involving PPQS Officials

New Delhi , November 27: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has initiated a case against two senior officials from the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage (PPQS) over allegations of bribery.

The accused officials, identified as Sanjay Arya, Joint Director (Plant Pathology), and Padam Singh, the then Plant Protection Officer (PPO) at PPQS in Faridabad and Visakhapatnam, respectively, are the subjects of the investigation.

According to the filed FIR, Sanjay Arya conducted an inquiry based on a complaint filed by Rajesh Acharya against Padam Singh. Acharya claimed that Singh sought money from exporters and threatened business disruptions if his demands were not met.

During the investigation, Arya visited Visakhapatnam in May 2022 to examine the complainant. Acharya reiterated the allegations, stating that Singh extorted money from exporters, causing delays in goods clearance and substantial financial losses.

The complaint also revealed that Acharya communicated with Arya via emails in May and June 2022, alleging that Singh demanded a Certificate of Appreciation and intentionally delayed the processing of their applications.

“After completing the inquiry, Sanjay Arya recommended closing the complaint, citing a lack of incriminating evidence. However, sources indicate that Dr. Sanjay Arya accepted Rs 2 lakh as an undue advantage from Padam Singh in two instances through one Satish Singh to provide a favorable report for the said inquiry,” stated the FIR.

The investigation is currently underway, and further details will be disclosed as the case progresses.

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