Beneficial Insects | How are Insects a helping hand to farmers in Agriculture?

In nature, there are a variety of insects that are found which do not do any kind of harm rather they can be very helpful and beneficial in many ways in agriculture. The major role that is played by an insect is increased pollination which will help in improving the yield of the crops. But nowadays due to the accessive use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides, there is a reduction in the number of natural insects with also harms the sustainability of the environment.

Which insects play an important role in Agriculture –

The insects like Honey bees, lady Bird beetles, bumble bees and butterflies are the major contributors to nature.

Benefits of Insects

Pollination – Pollination is a process in which pollen grains are transferred from male to female enabling Fertilization. Insect pollinators are flower-visiting Insects that forage on flowering plants to obtain plant-provided food. These pollinators have the potential to transfer male gametes i.e pollen to the female gametes while foraging, resulting in pollination. Many crops depend on pollination for seed production and fruit set to achieve a good yield. Globally, an estimated 35% of crop production is a result of insect pollination.

Natural Enemies – There are various predators and parasitoids in nature. Insect predators and parasitoids that attack and feed on other insects, particularly on insect pests of plants are considered natural enemies. Through this type of feeding, natural enemies contribute to a type of pest regulation referred to as natural biological control.

Killing of Weeds – Many Insects help in contributing to the eradication of weed species which harm the crop and decrease the yield. They feed upon unwanted weeds in just the same manner they do with cultivated crops. In this way, the weeds get eradicated without the use of any kind of chemical fertilizers on the field which does help in enriching the environment.

Scavengers – Insects that feed on the dead and decaying matter of plants and animals are called scavengers. Scavengers and decomposers help in the biochemical cycling of nutrients. Examples of Scavengers are Barken beetle, water scavenger beetle, Termites, Ants, etc.

Soil Fertility Improvement – Insects like earthworm and those who stay in the soil build various tunnels in the soil and the same prove the soil area which is essential to improve the fertility of the soil. They thus are essential in building the soil structure and maintaining the pH of the soil.

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