Aeroponics Farming: Now potatoes can be grown in the air with increased yield!

Aeroponics is one of modern farming where crops are grown in presence of air. Soilless Agriculture is a trend now which helps in gaining more amount of yield without soil and this preventing soil-related problem.

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponic farming is a modern type of farming that is a soilless farming technique that grows more crops faster with limited use of water and other resources. It is similar to hydroponics farming. In aeroponics, the roots have greater access to oxygen, which results in healthier plants, significantly faster crop growth rates and increased yields.

Aeroponics in potato –

The potato plant is grown in a closed environment with the plant facing upwards and the roots below. Water fountains are installed at the bottom, to which nutrients are mixed and transported to the roots. In short, the plant gets sunlight from above and nutrients from below similar to that on land. This technology will increase the income of farmers. Aeroponic potato farming will also give a lot of benefits to the farmers, as it can make it easier for the farmers to produce more and more potatoes at a lower cost, and their income will also increase due to higher yields.

Benefits of Aeroponics in potato –
There are multiple advantages of practising aeroponic farming. It not only overcomes the issue of land shortage but also increases the yield up to 10 times. It utilises less amount of water and nutrients, which again reduces the farming cost. In aeroponic potato farming technology, nutrients are provided to the plant through hanging roots. Healthy seed potatoes can be gained by this method.It not only solves the issue of land availability but also boosts yield by up to tenfold. It uses less water and fertilizers, lowering agricultural costs even further.

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