Addressing the TIECON 2022 , Founder and CEO Nipun Mehrotra said , ‘Technology is not enough for the Farmers ‘

Entrepreneurship summit TiECON 2022 was attended by large number of entrepreneurs for the sake of acceleration in growth and rise of Entrepreneurs in India . During this summit , founder and CEO of agriculture stakeholder platform The Agri Collaboratory (TAC), Nipun Mehrotra, addressed the people that India is a giant Agriculture Market but the needs cannot be fulfilled by technology alone .

Opportunity in Agriculture –

There is a huge opportunity in Agriculture for business to flourish. Rural finance , core technologies such as internet of things, drip irrigation, Artificial Intelligence and other technology development are on rise . He said that , We need to create agriculture stacks, but also build one road that everyone can leverage, in the form of digital public goods, like the way UPI has succeeded through open-source innovation. But we also need to find out what the farmer needs. Just handing them mobile apps with payment plans is not going to work .

The current Infosys chairman and former head of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Ganesh Natarajan expressed his views on the remote link on entrepreneurship and India’s role in it. Various other organization were present for the summit who showcased the sanitation, automobiles, EV charging products in the N
Nurture incubation platform.

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